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13459540_10153831849550668_869833009_nWith the launching of this website, New Castle Chess has officially relaunched a fun and active place for you to play and improve your chess!

Currently, as you can see on our homepage, we come together once a week at Jessop’s Tavern in Old New Castle to sit and talk chess. Grab a coffee, or grab a beer, and plop down and enjoy some games and some game analysis!

We play casually as we await for the weekend where we pick a venue and play competitively. We haven’t yet secured a place┬ábut are looking to do so by the end of June. We will continue our casual style but offer a place that may be more conducive for kids. Then in addition sprinkle more competitive, USCF rated weekend events.

If you or your kids are looking to play some chess fill out the form below and stay updated with what New Castle Chess has going on.

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